Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama: A Sound Movement for America

January 20th’s inauguration of U.S. 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, marks a memorable day not only in American politics, but in music history. Supporters of the arts across the country have been fighting to bring music and arts back into public schools where such classes have been drastically cut. Obama believes that the arts benefit education:

“Children who learn music actually do better in math and kids whose imaginations are sparked by the arts are more engaged in school” - Barack Obama (The Christian Science Monitor).

Obama’s cause speaks from the heart as he recalls his own education:

"When I was a kid," he told a crowd in Wallingford, Pa., on April 2, "you always had an art teacher and a music teacher. Even in the poorest school districts, everyone had access to music and other arts" (The Christian Science Monitor).

Music and art have always been education staples, at least in my experience. I still have some of the pictures I painted in Kindergarten, and recall rhythms and musical activities I participated in from a young age. Music makes memories, and Obama's plan to implement a presidential arts platform, the first of its kind, is certain to make magic. His three main objectives are to:

  • Expand Public / Private Partnerships between Schools and Arts Organizations
  • Create an Artists Corps
  • Publically Champion the Importance of Arts Education

The arts are integral to an ongoing sense of community, which bellows through in form of an online petition started by producer Quincy Jones. Jones has collected nearly 200,000 signatures in favour of a Secretary of the Arts under Obama’s new presidency.

Obama will also show his support by increasing funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, promoting cultural diplomacy, attracting foreign talent, providing health care to artists, and ensuring artists' tax fairness.

You can help support the arts and make the most of Obama’s call for change when you sign Jones’ petition and download Obama’s motivational compilation, YES WE CAN: Voices of a Grassroots Movement.

From the start of his candidacy, he is a man who has been dedicated to a country of new hope -- I have no doubt that Obama will rock the White House.

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