Monday, January 19, 2009

Music That Melts...

Well, only in the process that Pasquale Ramunno uses to sculpt his art! Ramunno’s wax figures stand as solid as rock’n’roll’s grounded fan base. From Chuck Berry to The Beatles to Madonna to David Bowie, the local artist has hand-crafted over sixty legends exclusively for Rock Legends Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Music has had great influence in sparking creativity in Ramunno. His work intricately details the facial expressions and finger positions of Clapton, Hendrix and Page as they rock out on their guitars! These features combined with the contours of the figures’ lifelike bodies remind us that music is a phenomenal art that moves us both physically and emotionally as we listen and play.

According to the Royal London Wax Museum,
“The wax museum must determine the scene and the location within the scene that a new personality will occupy.”
And Rock Legends makes it clear that Ramunno has an interest in the scene -- his art is evidence that he has studied rock’n’roll in-depth from its early influences in rhythm and blues all the way to its effects on punk rock, and rap. Ramunno has certainly developed a widespread audience, drawing music lovers from around the world. His art appeals to Motown and heavy metal fans, to name a few.

Personally, I loved Rock Legends! It was awesome to be so close to Robert Plant, and to stand next to Kurt Cobain. This tourist attraction is a must for anyone interested in rock music and its influences. The wax musicians are showcased by era, alongside tour posters, which takes visitors on an adventure through 20th-century rock history. The museum’s music, dim hallways, and colourful spotlights compare to the atmosphere of a good show. And just when you think it’s over, you enter the Rock Shop, known to sell some extremely hard to find memorabilia -- a must have for every devoted fan!

It is definitely exciting to see the effects that music has had on one man’s creative mind. Music is a unique and personal journey and I will be using Retrograde Music to examine the different ways that the musical realm gains so many followers in the physical world. I will look, for example, at the unique places that music leads us to, and its ongoing effects. I also hope to use it as an outlet for examining artists, albums, and songs, to introduce you, my readers, to music you may or may not have heard of. Enjoy!

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